Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Institute for Truth, Justice, America, Sunshine, and Puppies Presents Michigan vs. Ohio, Round 3: Celebrity Fans

The undisclosed location of ITJASP headquartersThere are plenty of famous people from both Michigan and Ohio (but probably more from Michigan), but since this is Ohio State Hate Week and we are talking about college football, this section of ITJASP's scientific research is focused only on famous fans of the University of Michigan and THE! Ohio State University's football teams.

Michigan. Let's cut right to the chase. Michigan can count Captain Picard, Mini-Me, and Russell "Fucking" Crowe as fans.

Make it so!
Boldy go and beat the Buckeyes!

Eeeee... I mean, Mmmmm....

Crikey, mate! Beat OSU!
What we do in this life echoes through eternity. Now beat those ass clowns from OSU.

Ohio. Uh... Jack Nicklaus. Yeah, that Jack Nicklaus. A golfer.

Is this the 9th hole? Am I on the green?

Science says: Michigan.

It's pretty obvious that Round 3 goes to the Great Lakes State.