Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Vacation

Well, it was never my intention to take summer off from blogging, but it just kind of worked out that way. Not only is my laptop still a functional doorstop, but I've had a couple other things on my mind lately:

Dr. Bloggingstone, I presume?
It's safari time, bitches!!!!

On Thursday of this week, I leave for Tanzania for two weeks, and I've been spending what seems like the last month trying to get my crap together enough so that I'm prepared for lounging on Zanzibar, safari-ing in the Serengeti, and other African type leisure activities.

No, I didn't drug her
It ain't nothin' but a woman...

Then there's that whole "I met someone" thing. Blogging tends to take a backseat to fun, sexy women, at least in this particular blogger's book. So... sorry to throw you, my faithful readers, under the bus for so long, but there you go. Can you blame me?

I have, in the meantime, some new pictures a) of the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fairs and b) the Michigan Summer Beer Festival. Oh yeah!

When I get back from Africa late this month, college football season will pretty much be underway, so expect maniacal posts relating to the Michigan Wolverines and suchlike to resume as well. So no, the blog isn't dead... it was just resting.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer! I know I will.