Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We the Subjects...

Happy 4th of July, AKA Independence Day:

Did the government really not always run every detail of life?
I'm using the American colonial flag because I'm none too pleased with the state of our country today. So here's my prayer that our oversized, overbearing government will somehow lose revenue, power, and authority so that we can again enjoy our lives as free and sovereign human beings instead of as wards of the New American Empire and its ridiculously unconstitutional nanny state. Amen.

Also, I'll take this opportunity to renew my call for Michigan to secede from the Empire.

Seek a pleasant peninsula, baby!

New motto: "We've got all the water, motherfuckers!"

Now go drink some beer and blow some stuff up. Just make sure you never say, "Hey, y'all! Watch this!" and you should be fine.