Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Cleaning Begins

While everyone else spent their sunny, 75-degree Saturday outside getting an early start on their killer tans, I decided to begin the arduous process of making my apartment once again fit for human* habitation.

Phase I involved renting a wetvac from a local hardware store to see if my carpet could be made to stop crunching when I walked on it. There was so much ground-in scum as a result of Mardi Gras that some areas of the rug looked like this:

Locking in the nastiness the way even Bourbon St. can't.

I went to work moving furniture, kicking cats out of the house, spraying detergents, and then actually vacuuming. The wetvac's tank held about two gallons of water, and I must have emptied and refilled it five or six times. That particular process looked like this:

Mmm, a chocolate river!
It's, um, chocolate water. Want some?

Several hours later, the place was as vacuumed as it was going to get and ready to be reassembled. The nappy-ass (can I say that?) carpet now looks more like this:

Some dirt is cleaner than other dirt
Hey, it's an improvement.

I celebrated by grilling some brats and eating them outside. I further made up for my Saturday industriousness by doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. Well, except for getting a start on my killer tan.

* Or at least close enough for a slob like me.