Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Random Link Roundup

Here's a 20% off of stuff coupon for November 9 (today) through November 14. Better than a kick in the head. Buy Mom that book for Christmas that she'll never read.

Joe Sobran, my favorite columnist, has a typically Sobranesque take on Election Day. I especially love this part:

If the vote is so precious, then the penalty for not paying taxes would be simply to strip you of it. No need to put you in the clink. You'd appear at the polls, they'd tell you, "Sorry, you haven't paid your taxes," and you'd whimper, "You're not really going to take away my franchise, my most precious freedom, are you?!"
Indeed -- taxation without representation? Can I have no taxation or representation, please?

We're almost at the halfway point of National Novel Writing Month. I'm not participating this year, out of total laziness, but it has reminded me of how utterly lame I've been in keeping my New Year's resolutions. I'll have to make those all over again in a couple months. In the meantime, maybe I'll get back at it as the weather gets colder and I go into hermit mode.

Verd and Greg are always sending me interesting links but those links never seem to make it on here because a) I'm lazy and b) they usually send them via ICQ, which for various reasons is logistically inconvenient for me. So, like, maybe a little later I can go back to retrieve and post some of that stuff.

But tonight is Belgian beer tasting time! Looks like at least one other blogger will be going. Related news: I'm working on turning the Beer Tasting Field Guide into a coherent article so I can submit it to Modern Drunkard. Now there's a byline that would really look impressive on my resume.