Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Obligatory Post About Resolutions, Part I

I've been putting this post off mainly because I've been putting the whole resolutions thing off too. It's been easy to let January -- my least favorite month -- go by while I lazily continue in the same winter-blah pattern. But if I'm going to pretend to take the resolutions thing seriously, at least for a while, then I had better get started.

First, though, it's a good idea to look back on last year's resolutions to see how miserably I failed at keeping them.

The 2005 Scorecard

1. Write more.

I guess "more" is a relative term. I didn't write more than I did in 2004, but I did add about 6500 words to my crappy novel and finished one short story. Well, finished the first draft. It still needs work. Anyway, I'm sure I had something more substantial in mind when I made this resolution. So, yeah, failed.

2. Read more.

Again, I wonder, "more than what?" But while I certainly accumulated more books, I haven't exactly blazed through them. Failed.

3. Do more stuff.

I think I managed this, but maybe not to the extent I hoped. I've made more friends and have more of a social life than I've had in many years, but I'd still like to do more. So, a qualified success here.

Next up, the unveiling of the sacred 2006 resolutions, which, some say, may resemble the 2005 ones.