Saturday, May 10, 2003

I'm Back!

I am finally going to start updating again. Thrilling, I know. I went on a brief vacation to North Carolina, as some of you know (because some of you were with me) and discovered that stereotypes about Southerners exist for a reason. Bubba's Tiki Bar (I forget the real name), which was less tiki than my apartment, was for me the highlight of the trip. $1.50 for a pint of Yeungling's, and $5.50 for a pitcher. When is the last time you paid $5.50 for a pitcher of semi-real beer? It might even cost more than that for urine like Budweiser now, but since I don't often buy a pitcher of anything these days I'm not sure.

Needless to say, we had about 7 pitchers of this stuff or something, and then I felt I had the unmistakable urge to get up and "sing" Day-O at Bubba's, er Butch's (that's so much better) karaoke machine. Of course, I wasn't as good a singer as other members of our party, but let me tell you I had FLAIR. That's right, and all those mullet-headed Earls and JoLenes KNEW it, baby.

Eat your heart out, Belafonte.