Sunday, April 27, 2003

Life Is Good

At least at this point in time. It's quite warm today, having climbed into the 70s while the sun was still up, and I'm loafing in my pseudo-European bistro set while surfing the 'net and generally being irresponsible. Jazz is playing on the boombox and the table tiki torch is burning. Meanwhile, the rope lights I hung earlier today are smiling down at me and the beer at my elbow. (Those who have been in my old apartment will remember the rope lights from above the bar -- I've finally found a use for them in the new place.)

So what's missing? Apart from the obvious thing of having someone to share my slackerness with, I suppose speakers out here would be sort of cool. And also some classical statuary. But no worries on that latter score. I'm already scouring the Internet for statues of topless women and other things to accentuate the balcony with. Then I suppose I'll need some plants of some sort, provided they are something that I can keep alive, i.e., deal well with a lot of neglect.

And I still need to get the apartment management to arrange to paint the place so I can go without "the plywood look." Cafe Plywood? Naaa....