Saturday, May 10, 2003

Weapons of Mass Delusion

Pat Buchanan asks "Where are they, Mr. President?" of Saddam's alleged weapons o' mass destruction. Of course, it seems pretty obvious that if Saddam had any sort of weapon that was capable of threatening the United States or its "interests" (however defined by neocon interventionists) he would have whipped them out once his country was invaded. I remember during the war the "A-ha!" stories about stuff the military was finding "that may suggest Saddam is stockpiling Really Horrible Weapons And Stuff." Oh good, I thought. Then maybe the U.S. government should invade Iraq! Oh, wait. That already happened. Of course, the stuff found turned out to be nothing of the sort of the war propagandists and courtier press were making it out to be. Wasn't that about the time when it suddenly became all about "liberating" the poor, longsuffering Iraqis?