Monday, December 29, 2008

Detroit Santarchy City

Santa!On the night of December 20, hundreds of Santa Clauses descended on the Motor City to bring Christmas cheer, excessive alcohol consumption, and public urination to a downtrodden city sorely in need of a pick-me-up... or at least some "economic stimulation."

It was my first year as part of this disparate crowd, united only by the fact we were all wearing Santa suits (or reasonable approximations thereof) and by our desire to drink beer. The good folks at organized a bus to pick up some of us Santas from Ann Arbor and deliver us to Motown, where we took over bar after bar, beginning with Blondie's and (in my case) ending at Union Street.

A good time was had by most. I have a feeling this Santa will be back again next year. For the strong of stomach (like Santa), pictures of the drunkenness merrymaking are here, here, and on the official site here.