Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Is Sprung

St. Patrick's Day is St. Patrick's Weekend this year, and the signs of spring are everywhere as Ann Arbor comes back to life. On central campus, the fratholes were out in force, already falling-down drunk by 1pm.

The diag was busy with another Iraq War protest.

After getting my hippie mop cut short for the heat wave, I stopped in to Bar Louie for lunch and a pint.

Then it was time for some downtown shopping before a girl drink at Cafe Habana with a friend.

And after that, all the way across the street to Arbor for dinner and more drinks with other friends (and lots of strangers).

Days like this are why I live in Ann Arbor. I step out of my apartment and get my errands done, I shop at a variety of local places for cool stuff, and I run into friends and drink and dine at fine establishments. And along the way I get my people-watching on. All without getting into a car.

Soon it will be warm enough for outdoor dining again. Can't wait...

More random pictures here.