Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Beer: Day 14

It's week two of Lent, and the usual vow of no drinking is going fairly swimmingly. I still have the Mardi Gras party keg with beer left in it sitting in my kitchen, but here I am sipping on my Coke Zero. Of course, it would be nice to return the keg to its rightful owner -- gee, can someone come over and drink the rest of this beer and help a fella out?

Naturally, I'll be taking St. Patty's Day off from Lent. Hey, without the damn leap year, it would have fallen on a Sunday anyway, and Sundays aren't part of Lent. Plus, it's all to honor a fine saint, don't you know. Erin go beer!

Celebrating my last night of drinking with a fine American lager at what would have been Bukowski's favorite bar if he lived in Detroit, Steve's Place.