Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Season of Schadenfreude, Final Chapter: I'm Looking at You, tOSU

Whatchoo lookin' at, Sweatervest?I dubbed the 2007 Michigan Wolverines season "The Season of Schadenfreude" soon after witnessing what was probably the most embarrassing loss in 128 years of Michigan football. Apart from winning the Big Ten (a goal that is still possible), the mission of the team became clear: Spread Transitive Property Football Herpes to all rivals and haters, including Notre Dame (check), Penn State (check), Michigan State (check), and finally... THE! Ohio State.

On Saturday, there will again be much drama as Michigan attempts to inject the hated archrival with a solid dose of Teamthatlosttoteamthatlosttoappalachianstate Fever. With the outright Big Ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl on the line, the rumor knob set to 11 regarding Lloyd Carr's retirement, and Chad Henne and Mike Hart's last chance to actually beat tOSU, it's going to be another classic Game.

Stay tuned for more...