Monday, September 24, 2007

Stupid Beer News Rides Again

Stupid Beer NewsSBN, like the rest of the blog, had the summer off, but now it's back and ready to rock.

In Vienna, Austria, the first Oktoberfest for dogs was held September 20 at a local cafe. Free beer? For dogs? No mention on if the cafe staff actually had to witness the dog drink the beer. "Ja, I... my dog vants another, herr bartender..."

Vermont's Magic Hat brewery has released a "Night of the Living Dead" variety pack, and true to that brewery's apparently ironclad policy, there's no way of knowing what the hell this beer is. But, you know, zombies and beer, plus the web site has swell flash gimmicks and crap.

This is beer news, but not stupid: The Washington Post has an article on how well Dixie Brewing survived Katrina (it didn't) and how Abita is doing (well, and apparently set to release an IPA). Laissez les bier temps rouler.