Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Season of Schadenfreude, Part II: Penn State

HA-ha! We lost to Appalachian State, but beat you!We're heading into week two of the Season of Schadenfreude, and so far, so good. Notre Dame sucks such complete ass I am tempted not to laugh at them; actually, I won't -- I'll let a Simpsons character do the dirty work.

Next up is Penn State, whose fan base is seething with hatred for Michigan, mainly owing to their record of futility against the Wolverines in recent years. And by "recent years," I mean the past decade-plus. This year, head zombie Joe Paterno brings his Army of Darkness to Ann Arbor in an attempt to reclaim The Book of the Dead eat Lloyd Carr's brain win for a change.


This will be an interesting matchup. So far this year JoePa has snacked only on the small, shrivelled brains of Florida International, Buffalo, and Charlie Weis. That means his emaciated undead body is hungry for some real zombie nutrition, making him and his legion of necromancy very dangerous.

But unfortunately for JoePa and the Deadites, Mike Hart is being outfitted with some new equipment for the game.

LSU may have a chainsaw for a dick, but Mike Hart also has a boomstick.

May the Penn State hatred for Michigan continue unimpeded, may JoePa's putrid corpse go unsatisfied, and may Michigan fans be saying, "HA-ha!" come Saturday night.

Go Blue!