Thursday, June 07, 2007


If anyone is still reading this, you probably noticed I've taken a little vacation from posting on the blog. The reasons for this are fourfold:

I'm lazy. Doesn't really need elaboration, does it?

It's nice outside. Well, except when it's raining. Makes me not want to sit in front of the computer much.

My laptop blew up. About a week and a half ago, I was merrily chatting with a friend on my laptop while drinking beer out on the deck, when I got a Blue Screen of Death informing me Windows was shutting down to avoid damage to the computer. When I tried to reboot, all I got was an ominous "Operating System not found" message. Seems like the hard drive is toast. Anyway, my other computer is one step up from an abacus (and inside) and therefore slower than molasses in winter (on Pluto). Again, a disincentive to sit in front of the computer.

I'm lazy. So many things always seem to come back to this.