Friday, March 30, 2007

New Destinations on the Pub Crawl

Tipsy McStagger steps outI've added some new links over on the sidebar -- you know, the place on a blog everybody ignores because nobody cares what stupid stuff a particular blogger links to.

But there's still some good stuff. I've always liked (in a sad, bittersweet way) The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit, and I'm long overdue in linking it. After my actual home, there's my spiritual home: The Gumbo Pages are a treasure trove of all things New Orleans. Then, for the rest of the country, especially the West, there's Lost America.

The Hater is "the pop culture blog for people who fucking hate pop culture blogs"; this is an idea I really wish I had thought of, except it still requires paying attention to pop culture. Anyway, do catch "The Tolerability Index: A Guide to What We're Barely Putting Up With This Week." Awesome.

Speaking of mockery, 2.0 RLY? makes fun of the "Web 2.0" crowd (people who say, unironically, things like "folksonomy"), especially Boing Boing. Unfortunately, this site isn't updated often, which is partially my fault since I have posting privileges but am too lazy to even update my own blog regularly much less another one.

Then there's sports, which I'm sometimes interested in. Mgoblog is required reading for any fan of Michigan athletics, especially football. (Guilty.) Every Day Should Be Saturday may be Gator country, but its college football writing is hilarious, even in the off-season.

Finally, there's Fred Reed, curmudgeonly journalist type now semi-retired and living in Mexico. He writes sublimely about the absurdities of modern America and life in general from his expatriate vantage point. Some of my favorite recent Fredisms:

"Life is possible, even easier, without always measuring penises."

"If I may lapse into the vernacular, underestimating the enemy is a serviceable approach to getting your ass kicked."

"But there were drunks before there were moralists, and I hope there will be drunks after, as they are so much less tedious, and closer to the human condition."

"To me humanity, like government, is best when there is least of it."

"I do not understand economic growth ... I do not want more of what I don't want any of at all."

The gospel according to Fred is almost always worth a read. See ya at the bar.