Monday, February 26, 2007

Post-Oscar Movie Roundup

Oscars? Uh, yeah, whatever. Martin Scorsese finally won one. So I guess that's cool.

Moving along, Slate is ambivalent about the resurgence of the stale slacker-movie genre. Writer Marisa Meltzer especially seems to take issue with the comparative lack of female slacker characters. Maybe I should whip up a slacker screenplay of my own. (Write what you know, they always say.)

Over in Follywood, my Fantasy Moguls league, Bigger Than Godzilla Enterprises leaps into first place on the strength of the past weekend's opening of The Number 23 and Reno 911!: Miami. My first film, a really poorly chosen Black Snake Moan, doesn't open until this weekend. I should probably pick something with more box office potential, but I'm too lazy to change it now.

The trailer for the upcoming Grindhouse looks awesome:

And I've watched some other movies lately, including a sneak preview of Zodiac. I'll do some quick reviews in a separate post.