Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Prunes

Jooones! JOOOOOONES!!!When I was a kid, I wanted to be Indiana Jones. He got to shtup Karen Allen and kick Nazi ass in the process. Then he nailed Kate "Mrs. Spielberg" Capshaw while kicking some child slave ring ass. In the third movie, he didn't pork that fine blonde Nazi babe, but I see how that whole Hitler thing can kill the romance dead, so I guess I don't blame him too much. (I'da still hit it, though.)

Well, apparently the esteemed archaeologist-globetrotter is going to be back for a fourth movie, despite the fact that the old geezer will need a wheelchair to outrun the boulder this time. But hey, if Rocky Balboa can lace up his Depends and get back in the ring, then Grandpa Jones can put in the dentures for one more adventure. Count me in, George, Steve, and Harrison.