Monday, January 22, 2007

A Field Guide to Beer Tastings, Part VIII

Mr. Moderation

Description: Beer is good, and so one reasonably assumes that more beer is even better. Not so for Mr. Moderation. Instead of getting Not so much, mister!angry when he perceives he has gotten a short pour, he gets his panties in a bunch when he is given a full taste. He either has a grand plan to try all two dozen high-ABV Belgian beers and still drive himself home immediately afterward, or else has some hangup about drunkenness you don’t want to know about. In any case, his demeanor is often dour, mildly snooty, even vaguely disapproving, as if he were Donatello among les fauves, or at least an enlightened drinker in the midst of drunken Philistines.

Typical comment: "When. WHEN!"

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