Thursday, January 18, 2007

Drag Racing Down the Information Super Side Street

Other bloggers have names for those regular or semi-regular posts where they gather links from around the web that catch their attention for whatever reason and comment on them. I've used "Thursday Random Link Roundup" before, but that sucks. The title of the present post sucks too. If someone has a better idea for a name, let me know. Anyway, on to the random links...

The guys over at The Onion must read my blog because now they have Woody Allen contributing a piece: "Somebody Should Make A Movie About My Life":

The movie could open in a sheer white room, and let's say God and I are jousting, verbally. God asks me, "Do you think you should be admitted into Heaven, or Hell?" And I tell him, "I'll go wherever you want as long as I can use the car-pool lane."

This scene, as well as many others I could probably think of, conveys very well, I think, my preoccupation with death, and shows that, in a way, that our time on Earth is totally meaningless, which is one of the central themes of all the great dramatic stories.
Joe Sobran, as usual, has the best take on a public spectacle; in this case, the death of Gerald Ford.

Ars Technica discusses the reason for the increasing prevalence of Defective Retail Merchandise: "Privately, Hollywood admits DRM isn't about piracy" (HT: Maitri).

Is the zombie genre all used up? Heck no! Because no one has made a movie about zombies and retards. Until now. (Thanks Verd.)