Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Field Guide to Beer Tastings, Part VII

After a long hiatus, the Field Guide returns with a new entry. I'm working on transforming this series of posts into an article to submit to Modern Drunkard. More to come soon. Enjoy.

The Girl

Description: She is in way over her head and she knows it, but impressing Chad or Jonathan or Cody by coming along was her top priority. ThoseWhy don't they have any Budweiser? guys are totally rad, and if they like these rinky-dink beers no one's ever heard of, then maybe there's something to them. Only these beers are so… unbeerlike. They're dark, they smell funny, and they taste terrible. If only she could find something closer to Coors or even Amstel Light, she could at least get a decent buzz going while those guys tried all the awful stuff. She should still totally get points for coming, though.

Typical comment: "Eww, that's too dark. Do you have anything lighter?"

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