Sunday, December 03, 2006

Urban Meyer Is a Bitch

Following November's Football Armageddon, I was lukewarm to say the least about a second Michigan-Ohio State game on January 8.

But I'm totally disgusted by the screw job Michigan received today, courtesy of the BCS voters who vaulted a not-that-good Florida team over Michigan for a chance to play in the title game against OSU. Not because Florida has done anything spectacular in the last two weeks (it had a lot of help from Reggie Fish to beat Arkansas), but mainly because the voters and numbnuts media talking heads didn't want to watch the Wolverines face the Buckeyes on a neutral field.

But there is no "no rematch" clause in the BCS. You're supposed to vote for the two best teams, which I believe an honest appraisal shows is Ohio State and Michigan. Therefore, I believe many of the voters who snubbed Michigan were not voting in good faith. And I think most of the arguments against Michigan amount to "We don't want to see a rematch." Not valid arguments.

I won't rehash my objections here, but instead point to Brian at Mgoblog's excellent rebuttals to the lame objections to Michigan.

Whiny bitchSo the system that was instituted after the last screw job Michigan got in 1997, when it "shared" a title with Nebraska, is now delivering the same screw job to the Wolverines. Not to mention forcing me to root for a 92-0 Ohio State victory over the Florida Gators, whose head coach, Urban Meyer, is a shameless, whiny bitch who has been lobbying BCS voters like a cheap politician for the past few weeks.

At least Lloyd Carr and Michigan will never sink to that lame level.

Anyway, time to crush USC in the Rose Bowl. That's something Bo would have loved to see. Not to mention something I'll love to see.

Ah, college football...