Friday, December 01, 2006

Art and Beer: The Foundations of Civilization

The Shadow knows...Don't believe me? Ask any reputable historian and he'll tell you.

This weekend, the locus of civilization is in Ypsilanti, at the second Shadow Art Fair being held at the Corner Brewery. I'll be there, barring horrendous weather conditions that prevent me from driving the Little Engine That Couldn't. (As of this moment, it looks like our area will be spared the worst of the winter storm, but unfortunately it doesn't take much to send my poor little pickup spinning into a ditch.)

It's a great kickoff to the upcoming Buy Local Week, December 4-10, sponsored by Think Local First. Why wait until December 24 to do all your shopping this year? Get off your ass, get some great gifts, and help support local artists and business owners in the process. Oh, and have some great beer, too. See you there.