Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Columbus Delenda Est II: Come On, Feel the Hate

Ohio State Hate Week continues here at S&S...

We like to make lots of jokes about classless, white trash Ohio State fans and the general rowdiness and hostility of Columbus during The Game. Is this just hyperbole from us opposing fans, or is there some truth to it?

First off, let me say I've never personally been to a game at Columbus. But I have friends who have gone in years past, and they all have stories about their cars getting keyed, having beer thrown on them, or even being tackled by drunken morons. I, of course, have been in Ann Arbor for The Game, and I have never seen or heard of anything remotely like this happening to OSU fans. Obviously, I can't say it never has, but I don't know anyone else around here who has seen it either.

All that being said, let's roll the tape. This is video of the assholery before, during, and after The Game in Columbus in 2002, when Ohio State went on to win the National Championship:

Brian at Mgoblog also recounts his harrowing trip to R'lyeh Columbus in that same year.

Okay, so all that happened four years ago. Maybe things have improved down there. The city and university and the saner Buckeye fans are making efforts to rein in the hooliganism and general dickheaditry directed toward Michigan fans. Nevertheless, the University of Michigan still felt compelled to send this warning email out to its students:

We are sure that you are excited about this Saturday's football game versus Ohio State, and the possibility of capturing the Big Ten conference title and playing for the national championship.


We know that it can be uncomfortable being in an opposing team's environment, especially when the stakes are so high. We would like to offer a few suggestions in order to help you stay safe and have a positive experience this weekend:

--Try carpooling to the game; if possible, drive a car with non- Michigan license plates.
--Keep your Michigan gear to a minimum, or wait until you are inside the stadium to display it.
--Stay with a group.
--Know and obey the laws regarding alcohol use.
--If you are of legal age to drink, use alcohol in moderation. Stay in the blue.
--Stay low-key; don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
--If verbally harrassed by opposing fans, don't take the bait.
--Avoid High Street in Columbus.

If at any time you feel unsafe, you should call 9-1-1 for assistance. U-M campus police also will be available in Columbus to support our fans. You may call them with non-emergency concerns at (734) 216-9159.
Does tOSU feel the need to send emails to their students warning them about the dangers of Ann Arbor?

I rest on your face.

More hate to come. Columbus delenda est!

Update: Drew Sharp in the Free Press reports that Columbus is "preaching sportsmanship but preparing for anarchy."
Those who dare don the opposing colors at Ohio Stadium have been verbally harassed and allegedly sprayed upon with fluids not necessarily from a concession stand.
The late, great Bob Ufer was right to describe an OSU home crowd as "10,000 alumni and 74,000 truck drivers."