Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Random Link Roundup

Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? Writer and host Mike Nelson now has a web site where, for a mere two bucks, you can download mp3s of him mocking your favorite craptastic movies. Or at least Grr's favorite craptastic movies. (Note: If you buy beer and pay for the rental, I'll come over your house and mock your movie for free.)

Spike Lee's upcoming documentary on New Orleans vs. Katrina looks kinda interesting, although it unfortunately appears it will include screen time for such world-class jackasses as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Really, is there anyone on earth who is not yet sick of these two attention-whoring morons?

Check out this cornucopia of suckitude: 50 (yes, 50) "Great" David Hasselhoff videos. Don't hassle the Hoff!

Get answers from the Magic Hate Ball.

Jack Kerouac answers some "square questions" from Steve Allen and William F. Buckley, recites from On the Road, and has his obituary read by Walter Cronkite.