Monday, January 02, 2006

SWTM ISO Human Punching Bag

As promised/threatened, I updated my profile to reflect the new and improved 2006 version of me: White Trash Dave. Everyone probably knows at least one otherwise normal, intelligent, attractive woman who can't seem able to resist men who are total loser psychos. So send the one you know my way and maybe my love life will blossom this year.

About me and what I'm looking for

I'm not too picky. I need a woman around to do my laundry, cook my meals, clean up my messes, and not give me any lip about it. I don't like women who think they wear the What's not to love?pants around here. That don't fly with me. Anyway, if she has a lot of money too, that's cool, but not vital. I have ways of getting cash when I want to, but she better not expect me to throw it away buying her stupid crap all the time. I won't get too hung up on looks, but I'd prefer a woman who is at least somewhat pretty. I gotta say I don't like chicks who just let themselves go, you know? So no fatties. I don't care if you like NASCAR or share in my other interests. I mostly prefer hanging out with the boys anyway. Just have something ready for me to eat when I get home or there will be hell to pay. Oh yeah, and don't hassle me if I forget to come home. But keep money for bail handy just in case.