Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heartwarming Holiday Links

This video of a couple of UMich students running through the Fishbowl dressed as Pac-Man and one of the ghosts has been making the rounds. The dude playing the ghost saying "waka waka waka" cracks me up. (Had these guys even been born yet when Pac-Man was popular?)

At the behest of Brian at Mgoblog, another dude added some stuff at the end of the video to make it look like one of those college promotional spots you see during football games. What parent wouldn't want to send his kid to Michigan after seeing an ad like that?

Need help planning your next road trip? Surf over to Critiki for locations and reviews of tiki lounges throughout this great land. And that's just the beginning... Mahalo.

Anyone want to get me a Sam & Max t-shirt for Christmas? This thing is teh r0x0rz.

If you've been invited to a holiday party -- be it Christmas, New Year's, Kwaanzaaa, what-have-you -- that you just don't want to attend, use the Holiday Party Excuse Generator for an appropriate response.

Did you get the memo? Crain's Detroit Business has a TPS report cover sheet you can print and use, mmkay? (Warning: PDF file.)