Friday, March 28, 2003

Et tu, Louisiana?

Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster is making noises about disinviting Jacques Chirac from the bicentennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase in New Orleans this December. But wait, there's more:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he would pull the invitation to Chirac if elected, ignoring the fact that the new governor will not take office until January, weeks after the bicentennial event has concluded.

Apparently the major issue of the upcoming election is "stupidity." And finally, this:

Foster also took a shot at antiwar demonstrators for not supporting Bush and the nation in wartime. "Why don't they demonstrate against Saddam Hussein cutting people's tongues out and shooting his own people and murdering his own cousins?" Foster asked.

Let me take a stab at this. Maybe because Saddam Hussein doesn't rule this country? Just a thought.