Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Dream

I normally don't remember my dreams, but one I had last night (actually more like early this morning) was so awesome it stayed with me.

ZOMBY!!!11!The world was suffering from a flesh-eating zombie plague, but these zombies were a little different than usual: They only came out at night. So during the day things went on pretty much as normal, but as it got dark people ran to board themselves up in homes and shelters. I worked in a big, maze-like building of offices and cubicles -- sort of like the one I actually work in, only way more confusing -- and it was quittin' time. I and a few others were running behind and hustling to make our way out of the cube labyrinth before the big zombie party started. On our way out, we checked the various kitchens and employee lounges for useful provisions. One had a bottle of whiskey and some wine. We loaded up our bags with other useful things then continued out of the building, a feat that apparently took 15 minutes or so. Outside in the parking lot, the sky was the red violet of sunset and people were jumping in their cars and bolting out of there. It was then that I realized, horror of horrors, that I had forgotten to grab the whiskey! Without hesitation, I jumped into my truck, drove it up to the door of the building, and leaped out to go back into the bowels of the cube labyrinth to retrieve the whiskey.

I think it's awesome that my dream self was willing to risk a personal zombie holocaust just to retrieve a bottle of booze. And booze I don't even really like much, at that. Maybe the moral of the story is that alcohol is alcohol during a zombie apocalypse. Or that my dream self just rules. Cheers to you, dream self!