Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Everybody Look What's Goin' Down

Last week I wrote that the regime in Washington that rules over us is illegitimate. I've thought this for many years, actually, but I'm still sometimes surprised at how brazen the government has become, to the point where if anyone still thinks we live in some sort of representative democracy or constitutional republic -- well, that person is terminally naive.

The current wrangling over the massive transfer of wealth and power to the executive branch and its Wall Street handlers -- AKA the bailout bill -- shows in stark relief how this government actually functions and who really owns it. Those who watch the Tee Vee for their news undoubtedly didn't notice, but it took several days' worth of nonstop phone calls, faxes, and emails from tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of irate Americans to defeat the first attempt at this epic heist by a narrow margin in the House of Representatives.

Our rulers' response, of course, is to continue on as if nothing happened, meaning the Senate will undoubtedly pass this evil turd tonight after a pretend debate where they lard it up with more crap that can't really be paid for because the government is beyond broke and force the House of the Representatives to vote on it again.

As always, the definition of democracy to our rulers is "Sure, let the little assholes vote, just make sure they keep voting until they vote correctly." Not that I've ever given a damn for democracy, mind you, but again, the brazenness here is still mildly surprising.

Tee Vee "news" watchers also will have heard an awful lot about how plenty of Americans are supposedly begging to be fleeced out of an additional trillion or so (what the hell is a trillion?) dollars, but they will not have caught even a whiff of this:

(In case you can't play the video or make it out, yes, that's the actual Wall Street and yes, all those apparently invisible protesters are chanting "The bailout is bullshit! You broke it, you bought it!")

I wonder why it might be this was not on the Tee Vee. Ah, yes, I know. It's because the gigantic media corporations are controlled, if not owned, by the same powerful folks who pull the strings on Wall Street and who also control, if not own, the stooges in Washington who exercise their increasingly pretend authority.

They will get their bailout, their takeover of the capital markets. They will get it because they need it to cover their losses at our expense and to keep their creaky, inherently unstable system of exploitation going for just a little while longer, before the mask really comes off and even the stupidest American will see what sort of state it is he toils his whole life to support.

Do you finally get it, Mr. and Mrs. America? Do you yet perceive the nature of the criminals who exercise power over you and the country you mistakenly believed was free?

If not, what will it take to convince you? The U.S. Army patrolling the "homeland" to keep the unruly down, maybe?

We are headed into dark times.

Update: Oh, big surprise, the douchebags in the Senate have voted 74-25 in favor. Keep in mind this thing, which was three pages when it originally appeared in Congress, is now something like 450 pages. Do you think it was actually read by any of the Senate retards? I shudder to think what other garbage was slipped in there. Not even a pretense of legitimacy, folks.