Thursday, October 23, 2008

Detroit Time Warp

At work today a bunch of us thirtysomethings gathered to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. As invariably happens in such situations, we started talking about being old and remembering stuff from our youth. Someone mentioned "The Faygo Song," and someone else even started singing it but trailed off. It stirred a long dormant memory in my head, and I said, "Well, I bet it's on YouTube. Everything is."

I went back to my desk and sure enough:

This naturally led to following the "related links" and turned up the infamous Russian sub commercial from Highland Appliance:

And, of course, if you are of a certain age and grew up in the Detroit area, you very likely still quote from this Detroit Zoo commercial (I do):

There's also the WRIF commercial with the lip-synching blonde hottie and, apropos of this time of year, the Highland "Electronic Thing" spot and, not to be outdone, Fretter's "Monstrous Electronic Event" (you gotta love Robert Stack there at the end).

Ah, Detroit! Ah, youth!