Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's dead, JimNo, not the economy (yet). The hard drive on my ancient desktop computer. It died. Or, anyway, it makes either a series of clicks or else a loud shrieking noise, neither of which I believe to be indicative of proper functioning.

What this means is I've lost all of my MP3s, even the ones that weren't Stolen Pirated (ARRR!) Intellectual Property©®™, as well as years of awesome digital pics of my travels and my drunk friends and nostalgic warez from the prehistoric PC era of circa 1994 and before.

I can still use the ancient desktop, which is a Micron Pentium II 450 I bought in 1999 (last century!), because the dead drive was added on as D: some years later. So far, the original 10 GB system drive is holding in there, although the last time I booted it up, it was making a scary noise eerily reminiscent of its deceased fellow. I'd better copy all of the porn and secret government files off of there because it seems my faithful 20th-century desktop may be headed for a landfill really soon.