Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bush, Clinton, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

So there seems to be a big presidential campaign going on or something. I just recently paid a little attention to the "debates," and now I feel qualified and confident enough to sum up all of this sturm und drang in one sentence: If anyone can get Hillary fucking Clinton elected as president, it's the Republican party.

The Republicans have such a strong impulse for suicide they ought to rename themselves the An Hero Party. Let's see. The war in Iraq was not only started on 100% bullshit, it's now reviled by a majority of Americans, including presumably many who vote. What to do?

Arrr!!! Thar be warrrr!!!I know! How about anoint as the so-called "frontrunner" John "100 More Years in Iraq" McCain, the craziest, angriest, most belligerent warmonger in the entire party (and that's saying something). Furthermore, have his media-selected "major" challengers also be gung-ho for pissing away more lives and money in that Middle East shithole for no good reason, thus assuring no actual debate on this grave issue. Finally, with the media as accomplice, make sure that the only candidate, in either party, who proposes peace and sanity is systematically marginalized, if not ignored outright.

And people wonder why I don't vote. Could this dog-and-pony show possibly be any more stage managed and rigged in favor of the War Party and its unending criminal empire? Once again, if the behind-the-scenes shapers of presidential politics get their way, America, you'll get to "choose" between a Machiavellian socialist who favors war and more government and a sabre-rattling jingoist with an obviously questionable hold on reality who wallows in war and more government.

I'll choose, again, to stay home and not help foster the illusion I approve of this disgusting, grossly immoral sham. However, if, by some miracle, Ron Paul were to get nominated, I would set aside my cynicism and actually try to help him get elected, with God and the two readers of this blog as my witness.

I'll write more about Dr. Paul in the near future.