Friday, November 02, 2007

The Season of Schadenfreude, Part III: The Spartans Are Fags Edition

It's true; the Spartans did indeed engage in homosexual activity. Just ask Prof. H. Lowell Lindemann.

Li'l Bro loves it when you fuck up!Schadenfreude heads into the home stretch tomorrow with the 100th meeting of Michigan and Michigan State. As usual, Michigan is the favorite to win, even at East Lansing. Because this year's game is being played later in the year than it usually is, the Spartans have already begun their death spiral, which under normal circumstances is touched off by a loss to the Wolverines. I can't blame them for not being able to wait. Spartans are touchy about things like timing and clocks.

They are also touchy about this "rivalry," which exists mostly in their own minds, and totally resent the Michigan view of them as the annoying, envious little brother who is perpetually applauding whenever Big Bro screws up, erroneously believing that that is the same as having accomplishments of his own. Wojo pretty much nails it in today's News:

[This game] means Michigan fans spend the week filing their nails and pretending it's just another game, while Michigan State fans guzzle Milwaukee's Best and vow this is the year they beat those pompous, arrogant, haughty, snotty Wolverines, not realizing those adjectives basically mean the same thing.
Or, more accurately, not knowing any of those adjectives in the first place.

The only thing certain besides another spanking of Li'l Bro is this:

Victory is ours! Or defeat! Whatever!
Victory is ours! Or defeat! Whatever!

Sparty on, little bro! Remember: You can't use the Appalachian State taunt after we beat you. Well, you can, but it will just be so cute!