Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stupid Beer News Goes International

Stupid Beer NewsToday's top stories:

Think twice before volunteering for that international beer run. A Russian fisherman is arrested for illegally entering Japan to pick up some brewskis. Sapporo is so not worth it.

Better than NASCAR. In Colorado, some dumbass drinking a beer and driving a go-cart leads police on a chase before causing an accident and escaping on foot.

At least it looks like crappy beer. In the DC area, a beer truck is overturned on the freeway.

Saving the best for last. OK, this technically doesn't involve beer, but it's too good not to post. In Florida, a recent parolee crashes a stolen truck while trying to snort coke, drink a shot of whiskey, and navigate a curve -- according to the woman hitchhiker he picked up while doing all this. At least he crammed a lot of living into his first and last day out of prison.