Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bobo's Army Are On Their Way

Oop ack.Apparently testing the proposition that an army of monkeys banging away on a multitude of typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare's plays, or at least something readable, there is now the wikinovel at Only instead of monkeys and typewriters (or penguins), it's disheveled blogtards and their pizza-stained keyboards.

From the latest "progress report":

We're only a third of the way through this project, but already we have seen some great things written (and deleted), enough vandalism to keep us going for the rest of the project thank you very much, a lot of nonsense, some fascinating conversations taking place about writing and about collaboration and some real thought and energy being put into answering the question of whether a community can write a novel.
I would venture to guess the answer is yes, if you broaden the definition of "novel" to mean reams of incoherent, meandering, hard-to-read, eye-glazing prose.

And if you want that, you don't need a wiki because James Joyce has already been there and done that.