Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just Another Manic Carl Monday

Well, another college football season is in the books, and for the sports-inclined, that's the cue to start pretending to care about the regular season of pro basketball and/or hockey.

Ohio State's 41-14 assraping at the hands of Florida makes me feel a little better about Michigan's Rose Bowl loss, if only because our guys didn't look quite as useless and pathetic as the Buckeye squad did in Glendale Monday night. Sure, I would have preferred some Big Ten pride to be represented so we didn't have to listen to another year of bullshit about "SEC speed." But there's also something satisfying about seeing Cheatypants Sweatervest and his team kicked in the balls on national TV. Yes, for the record, I do not like THE Ohio State University Buckeyes and their assclown fans. This is as it should be.

And speaking of Ohio State fans, now that their national championship aspirations have been dashed, they will no doubt be going back to their usual activities: wacking off in public libraries.

Carl Monday is watching OSU fans masturbate.

Note: Although this was a broadcast TV report, YouTube requires you to sign up to view the "adult material" (even though there is none). If you don't feel like doing that, the original broadcast is here.

Note 2: It's a longish video, but totally worth watching.

Note 3: The Daily Show picked up Carl Monday's expose of OSU fan Mike Cooper's library jackoff scandal here (You Jackin' It?) and here.

(Via Deadspin.)