Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Field Guide to Beer Tastings, Part IX

The Loiterer

Description: Why won't he go away? He's got his beer. He's already tasted it. Maybe he even took notes on it. But he just won't move away from the table, and there are other people waiting behind him to get their own taste of what he's taking his sweet time to finish. Even worse, he won't stop talking.This is a good pilsner, but for some reason I get the worst shits from pilsners... About beer, about his gastrointestinal problems, about the dive bar he visited last week or the cool brewery tour he had in 2002. If only the people in line would politely (or not) tell him to step aside...

Typical comment: "This beer's pretty good. Kind of tastes like this other beer I had once at this little microbrewery where I had a tour. It was cool. They took us in the back and showed us the tanks and told us all about their brewing process and everything. Afterward, they gave us some free samples, and it wasn't just the one beer that tasted kinda like this one; they had some other kinds, too. A stout, a nut brown, some kind of wheat ale... what else?"

(Closely related is The Hoverer, virtually identical to The Loiterer, only creepily silent.)

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