Saturday, November 18, 2006

Columbus Delenda Est VI: Final Edition

It's The Day of The Game, and all hyperbole and Important Caps end here. It's where every prediction, analysis, prognostication, expectation, and wishful thought meets the turf.

Almost no talking head is picking Michigan to win.

I think they don't know Michigan.

Let's introduce them.

This final installment of Ohio State Hate Week is going to be brief because there's tailgating needs doing.

I think nothing sums up the difference between Michigan and Ohio State better than this video of a Buckeye fan being arrested while a Wolverine documents it.

Every Day Should Be Saturday has their "Factor Six" preview of The Game up. They pick Ohio State. Ha.

Everyone's favorite Buckeye rappers have a swell new video:


And finally, a fitting end to OSU Hate Week:

Captain Picard tells the Michigan Wolverines to make it so.
(Image shamelessly stolen from Maize 'n' Brew.)