Monday, September 11, 2006

We Will Never (Be Allowed to) Forget

(Warning: Even more cussing than usual.)

Am I still in the minority here when I say: Holy. Fuck. Enough. Already.

I was going to post a whole rant about all this 9/11 bullshit, but I'm so fucking sick of hearing about it I can't even bring myself to add to the ongoing pathos, even by writing about how fucking annoying the whole thing has become.

Look, I'm sorry a bunch of people I don't know died five years ago. In the last five years, lots of other people died who I don't know, too, and I'm sorry about that as well. At least, I'm as sorry as one can be for the deaths of total strangers who don't much affect my life.

Now that I got that off my chest, can you all shut the fuck up now? When did grief become a public spectacle instead of something to be borne with courage and quiet dignity?