Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drinking Ann Arbor

Two recent events suggest I've reached a new level in my career as a local drunkard.

One was when the owner of one bar I frequent saw me in another bar I frequent... and bought me drinks. Cheers, Gordo, you da man.

The other is when I ran into a dude who was super friendly and knew me by name, but who I didn't recognize. Actually, I ran into him twice the last two days. He stopped me on the street at the Taste of Ann Arbor yesterday, but since I was engaged in an activity that was six kinds of illegal -- involving the delivery of a beer to a girl who isn't old enough to drink -- I sort of brushed him off, not wanting to loiter on the street during the commission of multiple misdemeanors. I saw him again tonight at Arbor Brewing, and after a few minutes it finally registered on me who he was: The bartender from Grizzly Peak who served me during my now-infamous drunken first date with Mel 2. I guess I made a good impression on him while totally bombed out of my mind.

Why do I ever stay sober? No one likes me then.

P.S. The fact that my first date with Mel 2 involved closing two bars and then coming back to my place for gin and tonics can only mean that this is a pretty cool chick. Here's to you, Mel 2.