Thursday, June 01, 2006

At the Corner in Hip-silanti

Click for more (terrible) photosThe Corner Brewery, Matt and Rene Greff's new venture, opens to the public today. Last night they hosted a sneak-peek event for celebrities like me and all my cool friends. Some of the usual Arbor suspects were on tap: the IPA, the alt, Red Snapper, and the hefe. They also had a blonde ale, which was what I drank. It was quite good, because, as you know, gentlemen prefer blondes. And I'm nothing if not a gentleman.

Anyway, run out there tonight with the rest of the plebes if you want to check out the opening of a cool new brewery. (The address is 720 Norris.)

Two cautionary notes. I arrived on the late side last night, so the beer garden had already become the mosquito garden. Insect repellent is advised if you expect to hang around outside after dusk.

And why would you want to hang around outside? Because the acoustics inside the brewery are just plain terrible. It's a converted warehouse, so the inside is all brick and glass and metal -- nothing to absorb sound. Be prepared to shout and be shouted at if you talk to anyone.

At some point, I'm sure Matt and Rene will address the sound problem. In the meantime, raise a glass to Michigan's newest brewery and all the fine folks who helped bring it into being. Cheers!