Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Is Sprung

From a calendar viewpoint, spring has officially been here for nearly three weeks. Weatherwise, this weekend may have marked the real beginning of the season.

There are signs of life everywhere. Yesterday in my yard there was a red-breasted robin, Michigan's traditional harbinger of spring. A more Ann Arbor–specific harbinger, frat boys chucking things around on their front lawns, is also in evidence. Dominick's has re-opened and is already crowded. Graduation looms. Soon sidewalk dining will be back -- one of life's true pleasures.

And, as Easter approaches, my Lenten vow of no alcohol also ends. I have mixed feelings about that, really. It was nice to save lots of money by drinking cheaper soft drinks, and also nice to lose something like 10 pounds over the last few weeks. On the other hand, beer on my deck and beer whilst sidewalk dining are vital parts of the warm months.

Time to start thinking about vacation plans, I reckon...