Monday, April 17, 2006


A woman who once ignored a polite, friendly email from me on MySpace has now written the "Handsome Jerk" incarnation of me on the personals site. Her email says I "sound like an interesting person."

No, honey, I sound like an asshole. But I look like someone suddenly good enough for you to grace with your cyberpresence.

I do give her credit for at least complying with Handsome Jerk's explicit contact instructions:

Email me -- don't bother with winks; they're stupid. It's 2006, and word is that it's ok for women to initiate conversations now.
The conundrum is if I should reply and if so, what I should say. I'm not trying to either deceive anyone -- beyond my attempt to prove a simple point -- or to be mean (although I sometimes have vindictive daydreams, it's not really in my nature to be an intentional bastard). But I admit to being curious about how far I could take this.

I could say the sorts of things I might normally say to see how much more "interesting" they become. Or I could play the jerk to see at what point bad manners finally trump good looks -- if they ever do. Or I could do as she did to me and behave as if I never received an email.


Stray ponderable: If so many women make it so that a guy has to lie to them just to get them to talk to him, should they really be surprised or upset when they are lied to?