Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Hope They Stock Thunderbird

I noticed* a big spiffy new vertical sign for "Vinology" on the long-under-construction Mayer-Schairer building whilst I was strolling down Main St. today on my way to get my ears lowered. Upon returning home, I did a little research (thanks, Google) and discovered:

  1. It's going to be a restaurant, wine bar, and wine retailer -- 8,000 square feet of winos wine connoisseurs!

  2. It's a partnership between Kristin Jonna, daughter of the Merchant of Vino's founder, and Jon Carlson, the guy responsible for Grizzly Peak's existence, and some other "unnamed" partners. Wine mafia?

  3. I'd still rather drink beer.
I also noticed some construction that closed off the sidewalk by Conor O'Neill's and the Ark, but I can't guess what that's about.

* Big announcement: I finally broke down and ordered a digital camera, which means next time I see something newsworthy I can, you know, actually include a photo with my breaking story. Also it heralds the long-overdue return of the wildly popular Ann Arbor Photo of the Week feature. Oh yeah!