Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Field Guide to Beer Tastings, Part VI

This one was submitted by Clarissa, who, it should be pointed out, has been to maybe one beer tasting ever. But I still thought it was funny.

The Pourer

Description: Don't be fooled by his so-called knowledge of brewing and the beer-making arts; this one's just in it for the free drinks. You I hope this dude doesn't see that I stole his picture for thisknow it and he knows it, but he pretends you don't know it. He would like nothing more than to offer up a foamy glass to the full, pouting lips of a parched, slightly haughty European babe with big knockers who would so appreciate an alcoholic exegesis from a six-pack sommelier with a sophisticated hops-and-malt palate, but -- alas, no -- mostly he's just handing pours to frat boys, vacant-eyed suits, bulging middle-aged loudmouths, Brawny man wannabes, and the occasional girlfriend or wife.

Typical comment: "One for you and two for me."

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