Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Field Guide to Beer Tastings, Part II

This one was contributed by Matt, a fellow beer pourer.

Fish Out of Water

Description: You look at him and think, "I can't believe that guy bought a ticket to a beer tasting." He's thinking the exact same thing. If he's not draining a glass of fine, quality beer (into the Why did Buffy want us to go to this beer tasting?spit bucket), then he's grimacing, smacking his lips, or regarding his glass with the hurt, quizzical expression normally reserved for when a woman slaps him in the face. He might be one of those wine-and-cheese types, with a tennis sweater draped over his shoulders and a bumper sticker on his Volvo that reads, "I'd rather be attending a debutante ball." Or he might be a sad, lost jock, silently bemoaning the 25 big ones he could have spent on Jager shots as he turns to you in his Doug Flutie jersey with the faded ranch-dressing stain and asks, "Can I have some beer?"

Typical comment: "That is definitely not for me."