Friday, January 20, 2006

Absinthe Night

La fee bleueIt's been a while since I've hosted an absinthe tasting; in fact, the last time I did it, I had to get bootlegged stuff from the notorious Swiss Val-de-Travers region. But last year, Switzerland re-legalized absinthe after its nearly century-long ban, so tonight's product is the now-legal cousin of the old La Bleue stuff I liked so well. Unfortunately, it is still quite expensive to acquire, but when your tastes are as refined and sophisticated as mine, well, you know. Let's just say I totally relate to where James Bond was coming from, man.

Light the candles, turn on the tiki fountain, cue the mood music, and bust out the sugar cubes. Should be a pretty fun time; especially if this particular brand is as good as I'm hoping it is...