Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The New Ed Wood or the New Max Bialystok?

Remember the crappy movie adaptation of popular video game "House of the Dead"? It was so awful and flopped so badly, the guy responsible for it should never have been allowed to make another movie, right? But less than two years later, he made a bigger-budget, even lousier game-based movie -- "Alone in the Dark" -- that lost millions more dollars. So now this guy's finished, you say? Well, no, he's got another piece of junk out, "BloodRayne" -- and several more in the pipeline.

How is it possible that someone so monumentally inept at filmmaking keeps getting sizable budgets and moderately successful actors to produce yet more money-losing cinematic turds?

Stuart Wood over at Cinemablend speculates on the bizarre phenomenon of German "director" Uwe Boll -- and decides he's not so much the new Ed Wood as the If only I could get the rights to 'World of Warcraft' Max Bialystok, the cynical producer of "Springtime for Hitler" in Mel Brooks's "The Producers."

It's an interesting theory to be sure: using foreign tax breaks and/or subsidies to actually profit from making crappy movies. If true, it would explain a lot -- like why Uwe Boll still has a career in the movies. And it also would be, dare I say it, cynically brilliant.

(Thanks Verd.)